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Please read the following guidelines to prepare for your shoot. Be advised that if these guidelines are not met and the property is deemed unfit for a shoot, Treefort Media reserves the right to leave the property and charge an inconvenience fee of $75.00



  • Ensure all repairs are completed before the shoot commences and any equipment or service-operators are not present.

  • Arrange for pets to be relocated or secured in an area of the property that will not be photographed

  • Temporarily relocate outdoor garbage/recycle bins to inside of the garage

  • Ensure all lighting is in working order; most if not all lights will be turned on for the shoot

  • Wipe down mirrors, counters and tabletops



  • Move vehicles out of driveway and away from the property. For shared driveways, kindly arrange for neighbours to do the same.

  • Mow lawn, trim hedges

  • Clean up spills on driveway or walkways

  • Tidy property- ensure no toys, bikes or clutter are on site

  • In winter keep sidewalks, pathways and driveways cleared of snow

  • Tidy/arrange patio furniture





  • Clear countertops of clutter: excessive appliances, dish soap, sponges, plates, cutlery, etc.

  • Remove magnets, photographs or post-it notes from fridge doors

  • Remove pet food and bowls

  • Remove baby seats



  • Close toilet seats

  • Fold/roll towels

  • Remove housecoats and used towels from fixtures or from behind door

  • Empty garbages

  • Clean mirrors, surfaces and glass shower stalls

  • Store away all toiletries and appliances from countertops and showers



  • Remove all clothing and clutter from floors/furniture

  • Empty garbages

  • Ensure beds are made and presentable

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